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Steel trading, supply, import & export
About us
Ena Metal ltd
We are medium-sized and rapidly developing company with established positions on the Bulgarian market in the rea of steel trading, supply, import and export.
We offer a wide range of quality alloy and carbon steel, stainless steel, tool and spring steel.
Majority of our domestic and overseas clients are small, medium and large suppliers, distributors and producers operating in the automotive appliance, ship-building and manufacturing industries, as well as plants producing unique instruments, tools and elements.
We constantly strive to improve ur services by stocking fully certified products from approved manufacturers and suppliers, with which we aim to establish stable supply-demand relationships.
ENA METAL LTD cooperats with many national and overseas plants and suppliers of steel, and offers its clients only highly quality steel at lowest possible price.



ENA METAL LTD headquarter is strategically located in city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
The central steel storage is well plced to serve clients across the country.
Company’s head office stock yard possesses an open air storage space of 2500 square meters, indoor werehouse of 1500 square meters and office buildings. The stock yard is fully mechanized with two Portal Cranes up to 10MT Capacity each. Our indoor werehouse is equiped with additional four cranes and variety of facilities to meet customer demand.
We have seted up additional representatives in cities of Varna and Russe.



■ High quality products and timely service

■ Competitive prices and flexible payment terms

■ Individual approach to every customer

■ Large product variety is maintained in stock

■ The company possesses own Delivery Vehicles to service customers

■ Flexible company open for innovations

We are capable to satisfy every specific requirement, quantity size and customer!